Are we more than friends?

Paul and I had been dating at Bracknell escorts for about a year when I started to think that we were becoming more than friends. Normally I did not feel that I had that much in common with most of my dates, but with Paul things were different. We always had something to talk about, and we also enjoyed each others company when we were out on business dates. Yes, I know that I should have been chatting to his business partners, but for some reason, I always found myself chatting to Paul.

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One day, when I was out doing a bit of shopping on my day away from Bracknell escorts, I bumped into Paul. We ended up having a coffee together, and as we sat there with our hands almost touching across the table, I did realise that there was a lot more to our relationship than just escort and gentleman date. I have to admit that I felt frighten to look into Paul eyes in case I would lose myself in them.

Finally, Paul asked me what was the matter, and as I raised my eyes to meet his, I knew I had to say something. Paul was right, I was talking to my coffee cup instead of him, and I should really be talking to him. I smiled at him, and was finally brave enough to say that I rather fancied him. Just in case he thought that this was something I said to all of my dates at Bracknell escorts, I quickly added that I did not say that just to anybody. He smiled at me, but did not say a word.

Instead of anything, he just tilted his head, and looked at me in a new way. Normally when we date at Bracknell escorts, he looks at me in a certain way, but this was totally different. It was like he was looking through me, and trying to figure me out. When he finally spoke, he just said that I was adorable. I felt a bit like I did not know what he meant by that. Did he mean that he fancied me as well, or was I just adorable…

The next week, when I saw Paul at Bracknell escorts, he turned up with a large bunch of flowers, It was something that he had never done before, and gradually I felt that our relationship had moved on. When we went out for dinner that night, he acted differently. Walking down the stairs to the restaurant, he took me by the elbow as if to support me. I looked at him, and he moved my long blond hair to one side, and whispered: “I think that we make rather a handsome couple, don’t you”. That was when I finally realised we had become more than friends. It felt good, and walking into the restaurant, I did feel that a lot of eyes were on us. There was going to be no business date that evening, just him and me and a bottle of Champagne.