Are we more than friends?

Paul and I had been dating at Bracknell escorts for about a year when I started to think that we were becoming more than friends. Normally I did not feel that I had that much in common with most of my dates, but with Paul things were different. We always had something to talk about, and we also enjoyed each others company when we were out on business dates. Yes, I know that I should have been chatting to his business partners, but for some reason, I always found myself chatting to Paul.

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One day, when I was out doing a bit of shopping on my day away from Bracknell escorts, I bumped into Paul. We ended up having a coffee together, and as we sat there with our hands almost touching across the table, I did realise that there was a lot more to our relationship than just escort and gentleman date. I have to admit that I felt frighten to look into Paul eyes in case I would lose myself in them.

Finally, Paul asked me what was the matter, and as I raised my eyes to meet his, I knew I had to say something. Paul was right, I was talking to my coffee cup instead of him, and I should really be talking to him. I smiled at him, and was finally brave enough to say that I rather fancied him. Just in case he thought that this was something I said to all of my dates at Bracknell escorts, I quickly added that I did not say that just to anybody. He smiled at me, but did not say a word.

Instead of anything, he just tilted his head, and looked at me in a new way. Normally when we date at Bracknell escorts, he looks at me in a certain way, but this was totally different. It was like he was looking through me, and trying to figure me out. When he finally spoke, he just said that I was adorable. I felt a bit like I did not know what he meant by that. Did he mean that he fancied me as well, or was I just adorable…

The next week, when I saw Paul at Bracknell escorts, he turned up with a large bunch of flowers, It was something that he had never done before, and gradually I felt that our relationship had moved on. When we went out for dinner that night, he acted differently. Walking down the stairs to the restaurant, he took me by the elbow as if to support me. I looked at him, and he moved my long blond hair to one side, and whispered: “I think that we make rather a handsome couple, don’t you”. That was when I finally realised we had become more than friends. It felt good, and walking into the restaurant, I did feel that a lot of eyes were on us. There was going to be no business date that evening, just him and me and a bottle of Champagne.

Make room for your relationship

After I dated someone from Bromley Escorts, it taught me a an urge to change my life, I felt prepared to experience modification in a specific area of my life but I needed an opportunity to “appear” in order for this modification to occur. Due to the fact that this change would affect many individuals, I needed to strategically interact my intent. Next, I had to talk with a couple of crucial individuals that would help me in this part. I wasn’t sure who to speak to and I didn’t wish to talk with the incorrect people so I chose to be still and await a magnificent connection. I had a specific person in mind to talk with about this. I understood that if anybody could help me, he could and he would. I was a bit unwilling at approaching him due to his hectic schedule so I continued to be still and wait.


In the meantime, I cleaned out space in every part of my life to make room for this huge change. I started with my physical environment. I went through all my closets and contributed every piece of clothing/shoes I would never be caught dead in once again to charity. When I went through my whole home and got rid of twenty-five products that were ineffective and just taking up area. I buffed up my whole home making certain that it supplied exactly what I had to be at my finest. I took one last look around to make sure that whatever remaining included value to my life. From there, I looked at my personal life/relationships.


There were people in my life that drained me of my energy and so they needed to go. As I raised my standards and set some clear borders, these people literally disappeared from my life without me ever having to say a word. This made room for some terrific individuals to come into my life and offer me with the assistance I need emotionally while inspiring me to be my best. Next, I took a look at my finances. This repart might be expensive so I wished to make sure that I was prepared. And finally, I looked at my physical being to make sure that I was feeling fantastic and looking terrific. I wasn’t pleased with my hair so I told my stylist to obtain rid of every unhealthy strand. 3 inches later I was a pleased female.


After all of this preparation, which I thoroughly enjoyed, I was all set for the chance to come that would facilitate this change and there it came immediately. Oprah states it on a regular basis and I completely concur with her: Preparation + Opportunity = Success. The gentleman that I wanted to call called me with the chance that would make this modification possible. He wished to sit down and talk with me face to face about this opportunity so he flew me out to his neck of the woods and looked after all my accommodations. I had to be in his neck of the woods to attend my sweetheart’s child shower that very same weekend. His call couldn’t have actually come at a more opportune time.



Getting wet and sticky with Reading Girls

I used to think that the only fun thing that you could do in Reading, was to watch the football. Now, thanks to one of my best mates, I have learned that there are a lot of other fun things that you can do as well. Going out on town in Reading does not only mean hanging out in the pubs with my mates. These days, you are just as likely to find me hanging out with girls from of Reading escorts.

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As I work in London, I used to date the odd London escort. It was great fun, and if you are single like me, it is the perfect start to the weekend. Of course, it is not cheap to date escorts in London. Most of the girls charge a small fortune for their special services. They are good at what they do, but at the same time, I could spend my money a bit wiser. This is one of the reasons that I am so glad that I have found Reading escorts.

If you are in Reading, and would like to have some adult fun, let me reassure you that you can have that with Reading escorts. Some of the girls who work for the local escort agency in Reading, are former London girls. They have moved out here because property is cheaper. Most of them are now dating on just a part time basis. All of the girls that I have met so far, really seem to enjoy escorting but at the same time, they don’t do it full time. Perhaps that is one of the reasons they are always so fresh.

When you are into exotic escorts, Reading truly is the best place to date escorts. In London, it will cost you a small fortune to to hook with an exotic girl but not here in Reading. The girls that I have met here in Reading will charge you a lot less. I think there is a little bit of method behind their madness. They like you to come back to them more often. As the girls in Reading charge less, it is certainly one of the things that you can afford to do. I have some fantastic dates in Reading and I have also been able to date for a longer period of time. That has made it feel like a more of a genuine date.

Would I give up my hot companions at Reading escorts? No, at this moment I would not give them up. Sure, it would be nice to have a personal girlfriend but it is not easy. I work really long hours in London, and when I come home, I really don’t have the time to dedicate to a personal girlfriend. Often I wish that I did, but at the same time, there can be a lot of hassle to personal relationships. That is something that I am not into at all. But, I am sure that my time will come and that I will find my own personal girlfriend one of these days.